2020 Cleveland Calendar

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The 2020 Cleveland Calendar is an exclusive calendar sold at Lovely Paperie & Gifts. The 2020 Cleveland Calendar is a collaboration of 12 Cleveland Artists with their view on a year in Cleveland. The calendar is a 100% Cleveland based project. It is designed by Cleveland locals, printed in Cleveland, sold in Cleveland and displayed by Clevelanders! The calendar features artwork from the following Cleveland artists:

January: Deanna Sukalac | Rose Gold Studio

February: Lisa Quine

March: Farin Blackburn | Seaworthi

April: Emily Roggenburk | Emily Roggenburk Studios

May: Whitney Berkowsky | Otto & Berk

June: Sara Hoover | Small Screen Designs

July: Rachael Koenig | Shore Society

August: Jen Krueger | Minor Details CLE

September: Emily Koehler | Ting Stationery

October: Jason Look

November: Stephanie Crossen | The Lovely Forest

December: Jon Lund | Lund Studio